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By Judy - 28 Jan, 2024

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How to Build a Successful Design Team
— Part 3: Structure & Strategy

By Oliver Lindberg - 28 May, 2020

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Get to know me better

I’m Yehudit Tamaiev, also known as Judy Tam. Although my educational journey initially led me to pursue ultrasound specialization in OB-GYN and Eco-Vascular at Downstate University, I found my true calling in social services.

For over a decade, I dedicated myself to various roles including direct care, supervision, management, clinical work, and education within the field. However, my innate passion for aiding, safeguarding, advocating, educating, and healing humanity persisted since my youth, propelling me towards a professional career in social work graduating with honors from Hunter College.

From a young age, I found myself drawn to public speaking, starting as early as seven years old. My foray into social media began in 2019, marking the beginning of a new platform for connection and advocacy.

Throughout my occupation as a hospital, school, and community social worker, I am consistently receiving calls and requests from individuals seeking connections to diverse resources. Witnessing the Jewish community’s need for diverse resources, I founded theJnetwork to make a positive impact and smooth connections to my network and resources.

Through the J Network and Torat Israel, I am committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of those that G-d sends me to serve.

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