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Clients Feedback

I first met Yehudit (Judy) several years ago, where she unveiled her vision for The J Network. "It's like 'a connected network of Jewish professionals who can help the Jewish community in their journey' she described. Over time, it's evolved into that and beyond!
Harry Benesh
I've received numerous referrals via The J Network from fantastic clients within our community who are eager for guidance. It has become an invaluable resource for us all. Thank you!
Chana Barkani
Drop-off Babysitting
Being a professional on The J Network has been incredibly rewarding. The platform’s diverse community fosters collaboration and growth, allowing me to connect with clients who need tailored support. It’s a fantastic resource for both personal and professional development.
Tehila Rosenstein
Having a user-friendly platform like The J Network within the Jewish community is incredibly cool. It’s a breeze to connect with a diverse range of professionals and freelancers, making it easier than ever to find the support and expertise we need. Highly recommend!
Yehuda Levi
They helped me get my first client and guided me through the process in a very warm and caring way. Judy always goes out of her way to get things done for me.
Eldad W